HR – Time for change – New eBook available for download

13th November 2015

A new eBook is available from IRIS FMP HR & Payroll Software to download. The piece explores how even in 2015, HR is still overloaded with basic, day to day administration and employee queries.

Why are 43% of all employee interactions with HR about payslip queries? And why do just 5% of employees have anytime access to HR and payroll information – especially when so many employees are now working flexibly and remotely? This is clearly a waste of HR time and expertise; but it should also raise concerns regarding the day to day HR and payroll processes in place and the quality of the employee experience with HR.

HR is incredibly important in an era of growth and expanding workforces, yet error, delay and lack of available information are resulting in more employees than ever relying on HR departments to rectify simple problems. Organisations are incurring unnecessary cost, reducing employee engagement and undermining the core, strategic role of HR.

So what has to change to enable organisations to realise the strategic value of HR?

To find out how to leverage integrated HR and payroll through the use of self-service to empower employees, and how to drive down costs, click here to download the eBook.