GDPR Compliance

A Statement of Intent

The EU regulation coming in on 25th May 2018 will replace all current EU Data Directives and will apply in all 28 Member States. Brexit will not affect the obligations of UK companies.

FMP HR & Payroll Software Ltd, FMP Payroll Services Ltd, MCN Associates Ltd and Eurowage Ltd are UK companies (“FMP Global”) and will therefore be subject to GDPR. It is all part of the move to a Digital Single Market.

FMP Global are preparing to comply with the new rules. We are committed to the protection of all data relating to clients and employees. Policies are being introduced which will ensure all data is stored and used in an appropriate manner.

For more information on this please contact our Data Protection Officer at

Look forward to the coming months for more updates on the process of compliance with GDPR undertaken by FMP Global

Nigel Derbyshire, Chief Information Officer, FMP Global

Read our GDPR Product Statement 

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