Payroll Services for Sole Traders & Self-Employed Workers

Payroll Services for Sole Traders & Self-Employed Workers
It’s not always obvious how to handle your payroll if you’re a sole trader or self-employed. You started a business to focus on the things you love, but you still have to run your operation compliantly. Fortunately, our experts are on hand to take the pain out of your payroll, giving you complete peace of mind.

What Our Sole Trader/ Self-Employed Payroll Services Include

So, how do you compliantly pay yourself? What if you have staff? Take a look at how we can make your payroll solution feel rewarding? Here’s how we can help with your payroll:

  • Payroll processing
  • Payroll auditing
  • Printing and posting of security sealed payslips
  • BACS payments
  • Third-party disbursements
  • Online filing to Inland Revenue
  • All end of year work

What is Payroll Outsourcing?

Fully managed payroll outsourcing gives you full confidence over your payroll by allowing us to do the work on your behalf, so you can focus on what really matters. Helping guide you through the process, our payroll specialists can provide assistance with all aspects of payroll, from compliance to evaluating your own salary and tax contributions.

ShapeText BoxWhether you’re a sole trader or a self-employed worker, our fully managed payroll outsourcing service is fully tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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Benefits of Fully Managed Payroll Services for Sole Traders / Self Employed

It’s a misunderstanding that outsourcing your payroll is costly. From as little as £50 a month, IRIS FMP’s managed payroll services for sole traders and self-employed workers is convenient and cost-efficient. Our experts will deliver an accurate, timely and compliant payroll solution, leaving you feeling more confident about your business.

It’s essential to avoid the costly mistakes of inaccurate payroll, such as overpayments, incorrect compensation, and undervalued tax contributions. Each of these can result in significant fines from HMRC. A fully outsourced service, however, provides complete peace of mind that this important business function is taken care of.


Flexible and user friendly payroll software

It’s Cost-Effective

Payroll outsourcing offers a flexible solution for those seeking help with their payroll.

Real Time Visibility thanks to IRIS FMP's cloud based payroll software

It’s Time Efficient

Payroll regulation is constantly changing. Using our managed payroll service means that you can reinvest time into your work and rest assured that no unexpected or costly mistakes slow down your operation.

Cost effective payroll software from IRIS FMP

Free Your Focus
On Your Business

Don’t worry about set-up fees or technology, you provide the data and we do the rest. Enjoy hassle-free and insightful payroll without the stress of set-up, so you can preserve your energy for running your business.

Why Choose IRIS FMP’s Sole Trader / Self-Employed Payroll Services?

  • We offer a fully managed payroll service for sole traders and self-employed workers
  • No business is too small to benefit from our services
  • We charge a competitive per payslip fee
  • No hardware or software is required. All data is processed by our payroll team
  • Data can be supplied to us by email, fax or in an emergency the phone
  • We are fully HMRC approved
  • The service includes payroll processing, auditing, printing of security sealed payslips, BACS payments, third party disbursements, online filing to Inland Revenue and all end of year work.
  • All customers have a dedicated, UK based account manager


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Fully Managed Payroll FAQs for Sole Traders & Self-Employed Workers

Outsourcing payroll can free up time to help sole traders focus their energy exclusively on running a successful business. Not everyone has made the transition, often because they need more information to confidently make the swap. Here, we explore some of the most frequently asked questions – and help provide key answers.

Is it costly to outsource payroll in the UK?

If saving money and time is a key priority for your business, then outsourcing payroll can support that goal. You can entrust our team of experts to compliantly and confidently manage your payroll delivery, whilst minimising costs associated with running a business by reducing overheads. We deliver payroll solutions that eliminate costly errors and mistakes.

HMRC penalties can creep up on small businesses that struggle to operate a timely and accurate payroll solution. From incorrect to absent information, or missing deadlines, an incompliant payroll operation can attract negative attention and cause unwanted fines.

After an initial setup cost, which is dependent on the size and complexity of your business, we can deliver a payroll option that flexibly supports your goals and helps save you time and money.

Better yet, after the initial set-up, there is a fixed per payslip fee, which means that costs are predictable. Typically, if you’re after a cheaper option, then payroll bureau can offer similar services to outsourcing.

Do I lose control?

Losing control is a common anxiety for business owners. You’ve built, nurtured and grown a business from its earliest hours. That’s why we understand that control is important to our payroll partners.

Yet, with an outsourced option, business owners don’t have to worry about losing control. IRIS FMP offer full transparency and we will give sole traders and self-employed workers full visibility of their payroll. This happens through routine reporting, which can be requested at any moment.

What if I don’t have the time to organise it?

Sole traders and self-employed workers are often busy with business, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to think about transitioning their payroll. Yet, swapping to a payroll expert can actually be a strategic advantage for sole traders and self-employed workers. IRIS FMP have a reputation for helping clients make a smooth transition over to our pain-free payroll system. Our procedure for new clients is designed to minimise time and maximise efficiency, allowing you to free up focus on work.

How does it reduce errors?

Expert payroll delivery means that your operation will be compliant and timely. Outsourcing the payroll function of your business is designed to remove costly errors and inaccuracies, by lifting the administrative burden of your busy team.

It’s always helpful to have a dedicated payroll manager to hand, who will ensure your operation is delivered punctually and with minimal errors.

Taking on an employee

Sole traders can legally take on an employee, but only when legal requirements and best practice are compliantly observed. Get details on best practice from an expert like FMP.

What happens with my data? (If I employ staff)

When outsourcing your payroll, you will have to handover business information about your staff to ensure accuracy, including rates of pay and bank account details.

When it comes to confidentiality and the safety of data, it’s only as guarded as your office. If your office lacks security, then your data may already be more compromised than you think. That’s why outsourced payroll is often associated with greater data security, because an impartial third party looks after it.

What if I experience issues?

Ad-hoc challenges and issues can seem like an occupational hazard when you’re a sole trader. When you’re involved in a business, it can be useful to have a helping hand. By outsourcing your payroll, you can create more time and focus on business, whilst we manage the rest. At IRIS FMP, our time of experts are a phone call away to help deal with any unexpected issues or offer advice when it matter most.

What about disruptions to my business?

At IRIS FMP, we help seamlessly transition from your old system our new one. This is achieved through a complete requirements check, before tailoring a system that suits your needs. We won’t activate your payroll until it has been tested and balanced to perform in perfect harmony with your business or job.

In the long term, any ongoing disruption is contained and minimised by our dedicated professionals. Outsourcing is a payroll solution designed to aide a business’, or employees, productivity and operational efficiency.

Not convinced yet?

If you’re unsure about outsourcing payroll to an expert, then you’ll have to ensure that your operation is compliant, legal and timely. Without these considerations, you risk costly penalties and fines.

Without expert guidance, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Register as an employer with HMRC
  • Decide who will manage PAYE
  • Invest in payroll software
  • Set up a payroll timetable
  • Ensure you are compliant with UK law
  • Check employees’ data is accurate and up to date to submit to HMRC
  • Create a system for onboarding new employees
  • Additional pay considerations (.e.g. bonuses)
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Back-up plans
  • Ensure you are following current payroll rules
  • …. and much more

We'll help you take the pain out of payroll

Whatever support is needed for your business, IRIS FMP has a service to help.

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