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With outsourced payroll IRIS FMP will fully manage all the obligations surrounding payroll for your business – from the first input to HMRC submissions and finishing with the payments. It’s a stress-free total management solution. No software onsite, no payroll department to manage internally, just a complete outsourced payroll service offering you all of the benefits of a payroll department without any of the overheads or responsibility. Just send us the payroll data and we’ll do the rest.

By outsourcing the processes of your payroll you’ll be able to focus on your core business. After all that’s what you’re good at, so let our specialists take care of your payroll. Our current clients range from 1 to 6000 employees, and everything in between, so we’ll be able to help no matter what your size.

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Payroll outsourcing that lets you focus on what matters

Our fully managed payroll service is right fit for a company that wants to focus its time on their core business, after all that’s what you’re good at. So let the specialists take care of payroll. We understand that payroll accuracy reflects on your business and is very emotive for your staff. As such, we will support you by providing a service that will strengthen your relationship with your staff through delivery of the right payslips at the right time.

Flexible fully managed payroll


We’ll listen to what you actually need, and find a payroll solution that can really make a difference to your organisation, adding value through a partnership approach.

Save money and Time with fully managed payroll

Save Money & Time

We streamline your payroll so you only pay for what you need. By outsourcing your payroll to IRIS FMP, you can spend more time focusing on your core business.

greater accuracy with managed payroll services

Greater Accuracy

We handle your processes for you, ensuring a worry-free service with reduced risk and absolute accuracy and compliance.


IRIS FMP will become your payroll department and fully manage all the obligations surrounding payroll for your business, from the first input to HMRC submissions and finishing with the BACs accredited payments.  Our service includes:

  • Online payslips & payments
  • Dedicated payroll manager
  • In-depth reporting
  • System set up & testing
  • Validated & audited calculations
  • Data entry

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have a questions about any aspect of the process such as ‘What’s involved in the set-up of outsourced payroll’, ‘What business can benefit from outsourced payroll’ or ‘What the benefits of outsourcing part or all of your payroll services’  Visit our most frequently asked questions, which can can be found here.

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Why choose IRIS FMP?

IRIS FMP have been experts in payroll for over 40 years. We understand that no business can do without accurate payroll. Every workforce deserves to be paid correctly on time, every time, irrespective of fluctuations in staffing, seasonal employees and other variables.

experts in fully managed payroll

Experts in Payroll

Our qualified payroll professionals understand the nuances that occur in every business. We’ll make sure your payroll service is accurate and timely, and HMRC and TPR legislatively compliant.

fully managed payroll quality you can trust

Quality You Can Trust

We’re open and transparent, with complete visibility of payroll reporting. We’re ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 compliant, and hold CIPP Payroll Assurance Scheme accreditation.

Fully managed payroll that's tailored for you

Tailored for You

We cater to SMEs right through to large multinationals. We’ll design a payroll solution around your current business needs and work with you as your business grows.

What market sectors do we work with?

IRIS FMP work with businesses across a wide variety of market sectors throughout the UK and internationally. Our ‘Award Winning’ fully managed payroll services are used across a number of market sectors from Healthcare and Education to Sport & Leisure. So whatever sector your business is within, we are confident we have the experience and expertise to help you with your payroll services.

To look at some of the sectors IRIS FMP are already working with click here, or read some of our case studies 

Fully Managed Payroll FAQs

Is fully managed or part-managed payroll outsourcing better for me?

Payroll isn’t universally sized, meaning that the solution will need to uniquely answer to your business size and goals. Our experts can help guide your payroll questions. Determining between the two should feel right for your business, and answer to the pressures uniquely faced by it.

How long does it take to setup?

After initial setup, which can require certain information about your business, you save precious time in the future. We assign a dedicated manager to your case and business, who will nurture the service you receive and ensure its smooth facilitation, keeping it fully managed.

Will changing providers disrupt my business?

Transitioning to a new provider like IRIS FMP is painless. At IRIS FMP we’ve tailored our services to help this switch feel invisible – we only need a complete requirements capture and then we can begin building a solution around your business.

How much control will I have?

The benefit of a fully managed payroll offering is that your business can transition away from busy admin tasks– we aim to take the pain out of payroll. Yet, with a smoother, outsourced payroll provision, your business can access essential data and reporting at your convenience. Through IRIS FMP, you will always have the control to shape how payroll works for your business.

How much does fully managed payroll cost?

There is no universal law of cost surrounding payroll provision – therefore, payroll can scale up to your budget and goals, and ultimately be shaped by your business. There’s an initial fee and any other costs will be inventoried into a payslip fee. Yet, it’s worth focusing on how payroll can adapt to your business needs.

Which businesses qualify for fully managed payroll?

Any business, and likewise any industry, can qualify for a fully managed payroll service. It’s usually nominated by businesses who want to focus on their core offering and leave payroll in expert hands. It helps to eliminate costly overheads and save time too.

Case Study

Avery Healthcare - Fully Managed Payroll

Following a period of significant growth to 50 care homes, with 4,000 employees, Avery Healthcare needed an outsourced payroll solution that could grow with it, while also ensuring efficiency and strong cost management.

Outsourcing its payroll to IRIS FMP was a critical business decision, but since the partnership has come into force, Avery is now benefiting from the delivery of smooth payroll implementations, efficient processes, timely reporting and support for key changes such as Auto-Enrolment.

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