Payroll for Accountants

Payroll for Accountants

Accountants have a natural advantage when it comes to managing their payroll. But with increasing legislative and regulatory changes affecting businesses, accounting firms benefit from outsourcing their own payroll function. This allows them to focus on their own clients, providing a better service and generating more revenue.

Payroll Solutions for Accountants

We provide comprehensive payroll solutions for accountants practices across the UK. We provide a fully outsourced service that is tailored to your specific needs. Our service includes weekly or monthly processing, as well as year-end reporting and auto-enrolment services.

Using our HR & payroll software or our highly trained UK based outsourced payroll service, you can enjoy seamless payroll and HR management, saving you time and costs in the long term.

At FMP Global, we provide specialist accountancy payroll services and payroll and HR software, catering to a multitude of business types and staffing structures. Whether you’re a local accountant or a multinational firm handling the accounts of the biggest businesses, FMP Global will look after your payroll so you can better look after your clients.

We work in the same market, so we have an intimate understanding of the high industry demands within accounting, HR and the finance space. Our award-winning outsourced payroll teams will critically meet all your needs to ensure a high quality and consistent service.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Accountancy Payroll


Take advantage of an award-winning payroll team

legaslative cost

Avoid late filing penalties

save money

Reduce your firm’s spend on staff training and payroll infrastructure


Auto-enrolment included


Get back time and be more productive

Payroll Software Options for Accountants

Accountancy firms can also benefit from our ancillary software services to provide a better service to their own clients. By buying in payroll outsourcing from FMP, accountants get control and profitability. And selling on the service for a little bit more than it costs, makes it an attractive option.

The benefits are enormous. Any regulatory changes become our problem, not yours. The need for specialist staff disappears and you get time back to concentrate on the big money earners and core activities. Of course, for some accountants, payroll outsourcing may not be an option presently. Our recommendation would be to review current software and services to assess compatibility. If you need further guidance with regard to our payroll partnerships, feel free to get in touch.

Why Outsource Your Payroll to FMP



We’re ISO 27001, 9001, 14000 and GDPR compliant. By outsourcing your accountancy payroll to FMP Global, you know your data will be protected by state of the art systems.



Our outsourced payroll services are fully tailored to your business’s needs. We have the capacity to handle as much, or as little of your payroll processes as you need.


Save Time and Money

Outsourcing your payroll can generate considerable cost savings in the long-term as there’s no need to employ a dedicated team internally.

Pay Staff Correctly On Time, Every Time

Payroll processing has become labour intensive, technically intense and a time sink in many firms. Forward-thinking accountants are looking for a more profitable way to manage their business. Rather than wasting your highly trained accountants’ skills on your own payroll, but them to better use serving your clients. FMP Global’s payroll services team has the expertise and technology to guarantee that your payroll is turned around quickly and accurately every time, for everyone.

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