Online Payslips

Online Payslips

Online Payslips – A Feature of
Payroll Services from IRIS FMP

Online Payslips is a feature from IRIS FMP’s comprehensive payroll services that will effectively minimise the amount of time involved in distributing staff payslips and substantially reduce the associated costs, without the financial commitment of a full self-service ERP system.

What are online payslips?

An online payslip is essentially an electronic version of the usual printed or paper payslip that an employee receives. Online payslips are available to access securely online from a company intranet or an employee self service facility. The term ePayslip is also commonly used to refer to electronic payslips; however these are slightly different to online payslips. ePayslips are instead emailed directly to an employee.

Once implemented by an organisation, online payslips will typically replace the traditional printed or paper type payslip that would have been produced. Current and historical versions of online payslips are usually available to access and if necessary print.

The technology infrastructure and software that enables organisations to implement self-service has been around for more than a decade, with most HR and Payroll providers offering a self-service module or facility that can be integrated with a HR and/or payroll system. But despite the efficiency improvements and cost-saving benefits making it a no-brainer, organisations have been slower to implement online payslips than might be expected.

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Online Payslips Benefits

  • Simple to implement – often a bolt on to pre-existing technology
  • Access current and historical payslips from work or home 24/7
  • Employees can produce copies of payslips
  • Significantly reduces costs
  • Environmentally friendly and time efficient
  • Extra information can easily be added
  • Flexible

Considering implementing online payslips?

If you are considering online payslips just take time to think about:

  • What do you want to offer your employees?
  • Will it be accepted by our employees, what is our business culture?
  • Where will you host the service and is it secure?
  • What are the benefits to our business?
  • When will you implement it and do you have an implementation strategy?

What type of company will benefit from implementing online payslips?

Whilst many companies stand to benefit by implementing online payslips, large and/or multi-site organisations probably stand to benefit the most from increased efficiency and reduced costs. It is also worth noting that the type of industry that the company operates in could be significant in terms of how the introduction of online payslips could be perceived by its employees.

Companies that have large numbers of IT/PC literate employees will be more readily available to accept the move from the traditional paper based payslips to an online version, than those organisations who employee predominantly manufacturing or manual labour.


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Functionality FAQs

How are Online Payslips made available to staff?
The portal can be configured to automatically generate an email notifying employees that their pay advice is ready to view when the pay run is complete and the payslip file has been uploaded to the secure site. This email alert does not include a live URL link.

What is the login process for users accessing their online payslips?
By collecting employee contact details including name, telephone number and company email address from you on implementation we will create an email login for each employee at which point they will receive a system generated password. When they login for the first time they will be instructed to change their password to something memorable. There are also a series of security questions that can be set up by the employee.

How long are online payslips records kept for in the secure portal?
This is agreed at implementation stage and can be anything from a few months to years.

How long would employees that have left the company still be able to access their data for?
This is agreed at implementation stage and it can be tailored to suit your company needs.

Do we still have the option of printing payslips?
Employees that still wish to receive a paper payslip can request this via your Payroll Department. Payroll Administrators will have the option to authorise printed and/or online payslips for all staff. It is particularly useful for payslips to continue to be printed during staff maternity leave or long term sickness.

Is it legal to provide staff with payslips online?
Under Section 8 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, employers must provide an ‘itemised pay statement’ and it must be ‘given’ to the employee by the employer. This must be done ‘at or before’ the time the payment is made, and must be ‘written’. Our Online Payslips solution fully adheres to these rules.

Can I legally provide staff P60s online?
Yes. In April 2010 HMRC guidance changed to give employers the option of issuing online P60s to their employees.

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