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Fully Managed Payroll

A complete outsourced payroll service offering you all of the benefits of a payroll department without any of the overheads or responsibility.

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Part Managed Payroll

We’ll give you a front end version of our software to input payroll and pull reporting, whilst outsourcing the time consuming processes to FMP.

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Which service is best for me?

Your business is unique, and so are your payroll requirements. That's why FMP Global tailor all our outsourced payroll services exactly to our clients' requirements. By understanding the nuances of your business we are able to provide an accurate, time and cost saving payroll solution that lets you focus on what you do best.Get in touch and speak to one of our team to discuss your requirements.
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Why outsource your payroll?

Is outsourcing your payroll function right for your business? Most payroll companies will try and tell you it is, often without taking the time to understand your business and its payroll requirements. We appreciate that it isn’t always the right option, and will be 100% transparent if we have any doubts as to whether payroll outsourcing is best-fit for your organisation. We can help no matter what your size. from one employee upwards.

The benefits of outsourcing a business’s payroll function vary from one company to another, however there are key advantages that are common reasons to outsource payroll processing

  • Payroll Accuracy

    – Payroll errors are far more commonplace than you might think. Small businesses, in particular, can find it challenging keeping on top of the frequent, and often complicated changes to tax codes and legislation. An accomplished payroll outsourcing company has the experience and processes in place to avoid these errors.

  • Time

    – Lots more of it! The administrative functions of payroll can take up valuable work hours. And that time can be used by your team to really focus on core business issues, whatever they are. Perhaps it’s more people time. Or focusing on strategy, growth or development. It’s your choice. What does payroll outsourcing mean for you?

  • Cost savings

    – Depending on your business and its size, outsourcing your payroll could generate considerable cost savings in the long-term. Outsourcing allows you to access ecient payroll services without having to employ a dedicated person or team internally.

  • Security

    – there are security risks involved when managing confidential payroll data in-house. By outsourcing your payroll functions, you can ensure your data will be protected by state of the art systems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have a questions about any aspect of the process such as ‘What’s involved in the set-up of outsourced payroll’, ‘What business can benefit from outsourced payroll’ or ‘What the benefits of outsourcing part or all of your payroll services’  Visit our most frequently asked questions, A full list can can be found here.

The cost of outsourcing

Most small to medium sized businesses can make significant cost savings by outsourcing their payroll function to the right payroll bureau. At FMP Global, our complete payroll accuracy and flexible part time or fully managed payroll services allows us to consistently save money for a range of businesses.

Our payroll outsourcing prices vary by the exact service and our clients’ needs. However, rather than asking how much our payroll outsourcing costs, ask how much we can save your business!

The risks of outsourcing

Outsourcing payroll involves risk only if you work with the wrong company. In our experience, payroll bureaus introduce errors when they don’t take the time to fully understand the complexities of your business. It’s for this reason that our tailored approach to outsourced payroll is absolutely fundamental to our way of working.

We are also proud to be a HMRC and BACs approved bureau, with a highly professional team dedicated to ensuring your payroll is legislatively compliant. Our payroll managers collectively have over eight decades of experience, and carrying out frequent checks is a key priority.

What market sectors do we work with?

FMP Global work with businesses across a wide variety of market sectors throughout the UK and internationally.

With expertise in so many sectors, we are confident that we have the experience and expertise to help you to fully or part manage your payroll services.

Which option is right for you?

Whatever support is needed for your company, FMP Global has a service to help, to find out more about our services click below

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