Hughes Electrical Limited: case study

4th June 2019




Hughes Electrical Ltd was founded in Lowestoft, Suffolk in 1921. Nearly 100 years since its conception, it remains a true family business and is now run by the third generation of Hughes. And in a true family tradition it has chosen Amity HR software for its growing business.

The business has worked with IRIS FMP for over 20 years now, after introducing IRIS FMP’s Teamspirit HR software in 1998.

The decision was made due to Hughes’ unique HR and payroll requirements and very individual way of doing things, such as commission and allowance processing. Hughes needed highly targeted and personalised configuration to take the burden off of staff.

With the help of the IRIS FMP helpdesk and developers, and IRIS FMP’s customisable system, unique challenges that Hughes came up against were able to be solved.

Amanda Morton, Payroll and HR administrator, explained that “Hughes used to have an unusual commission system based on points which related to the number of hours a person worked and where they were worked. We used to use spreadsheets for these calculations, which took 5 working days a month. A consultant worked with us for around three weeks automating this amongst other processes, reducing this task to just 20 minutes. We wouldn’t have been able to purchase that out of the box!”


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