HR & Payroll Integration – a Slicker Way to Operate

26th November 2015

In the second of this two part blog series, we look at how an integrated approach to HR & Payroll can support both the business and the employee.

Online payslips provide an excellent incentive for employees to start using the self-service portal, but that is just the beginning of a more engaging employee experience. Organisations can build on this integrated model with added value services, such as booking holidays, Learning & Development (L&D) and online appraisals.

Simple processes such as an individual wanting to work out holiday entitlement, checking available dates and making requests for time off can be completed at home, over a weekend. Employees can browse courses and make requests – including courses recommended by a manager but also those that might reflect an individual’s career aspirations. And online appraisals can also support a more interactive approach, moving away from the annual model that fails to support today’s fast moving and agile working practices.

Anytime access to these services improves employee engagement and avoids time wasted during the working week.

Ensuring HR Supports the Business

Providing employees with anytime, anywhere access to this diverse information and service is incredibly valuable, especially for any organisation with a dispersed and/or mobile workforce where individuals do not have direct access to either a line manager or central HR resource.

It also provides an opportunity to reconsider HR processes, for example, what is the business trying to achieve? Is there a better way of approaching HR and payroll processes? Should HR still be a central function, or are there opportunities for line managers to undertake some of the roles – such as starting new employees or managing L&D?

Creating the right HR model, backed up with accurate information and self-service, ensures employees are more engaged, while line managers can actually take greater responsibility over the development of employees, removing the burden on HR – if that is the way the business wants to operate.

Organisations need to determine the best HR process and models to support business innovation and employee engagement.

Realising Business Vision

Those organisations that have embraced a single source of HR and payroll information have been able to deliver significant improvements in their end to end HR processes. They have accurate employee data, incur fewer errors, delays are minimised and time consuming HR activities are slashed.

There is so much more that can be achieved. The goal is not simply to replicate existing manual processes with a slicker, integrated approach. That will deliver some cost savings but it will not support the strategic HR model demanded to support today’s employee centric working environment.

Leveraging integrated HR and payroll through the use of self-service to empower employees is key to driving down costs and releasing HR staff to undertake more valuable day to day tasks.

The opportunities for change are significant – the question is: what kind of HR and payroll function does your business want to achieve?