All The Rage – 6 Triggers of Workplace Anger

13th April 2016

Have you ever got mad at work? Of course you have. At least once in our lives we’ve gotten frustrated and angry about our jobs. Causes of workplace anger can be large or small. We’ve collected 6 common causes of workplace anger that you should avoid.

  1. Overworking Staff

Overworking is a slippery slope. It leads to stress and tiredness that causes irritability. Before you know it you have highly strung staff that could snap at a moment’s notice. 87% of employees admit to overworking, either by choice or necessity[1]. The health risks involved[2] in working long hours help contribute to negative morale and reduced productivity. 

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  1. Out of Date systems and procedures

Companies are always changing and evolving but sometimes the systems and procedures that support your business don’t keep up with the changes. This can cause endless frustration in your business and mean the simplest tasks take forever. Not reviewing processes and looking for the best solutions for your business as you grow or change will create errors, poor motivation and employee retention.

  1. The Constant Complainer

It seems like every workplace has them – the people who love to complain. They’re overworked and underpaid, their boss is a jerk, work sucks and so does everything else. No matter how good things get, all they see is the bad. While criticism isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unreasonable complaining leads to negativity, reduced productivity and the ire of co-workers. Effective regular reviews and appraisals can help you manage these ‘negs’.

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  1. Petty Tyranny

Bad managers make for unhappy staff. The number one reason for people leaving their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated, so this is a major cause of workplace anger and frustration. We’ve all come across a bully boss at one point in our careers and know how it feels to be unappreciated, unrecognised and taken advantage of.

  1. Pay

Repeated delays and mismanagement of pay is one of the primary sources of workplace anger. Employees believe, rightly, that they should be promptly and accurately paid for the work they do. Failure to achieve this most fundamental of business agreements is never tolerated by employees. Make sure your payroll is properly and effectively managed. If you are struggling with effective payroll, consider outsourcing your payroll instead.

  1. Bad Tea Making

If there’s one thing more annoying that not being offered a cuppa, it’s not having it made properly. UK workers sip their way through 41 million cups of tea a year, so there’s no excuse for getting it wrong. 33% of workers feel more productive after a tea break[3], so it’s crucial to make a satisfactory cuppa.

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