P11Ds – Don’t sound the death knell just yet

11th April 2016

P11DsPayrolling was the big new announcement for the 2016/17 tax year but if you haven’t taken the plunge and registered for this new tax year you’ll still need to issue P11Ds. If you have not already signed up to our P11d service, then now is the time to start this process.

The P11d submission date falls on the 6th July.

IRIS FMP Payroll Services offer an easy P11Ds service, whether you currently run payroll through us or not, and we’re looking to have a schedule of requirements ready for our May/June processing. To avoid any HMRC penalties it’s good to get on top of these things now, so you can concentrate on all the other things hitting your inbox.

Should you not understand whether you require this P11Ds service or not, then (for existing clients) please do contact either your Payroll Manager or Account Manager directly or (for new clients) payroll@bond.co.uk. P11d’s are required on an individual employee basis and whether they have any taxable expenses or benefits associated with the 2015/16 tax year, such as company cars and medical benefits. P11ds are also required for any leavers throughout this period.

Our service is priced on a per P11d basis and will require a total number of P11Ds required in order to give you an accurate cost to process.

Please don’t get caught out. Allow IRIS FMP to take away the stress of completing and submitting your P11ds by allowing us to do this on your behalf.