Micro employer HR software steals SME show

26th October 2018

A new modular HR software designed specifically with micro and SME businesses in mind, has stolen the show at its launch at SME Live at the NEC on 16th October.

Amity Essentials, from industry leading HR and payroll provider IRIS FMP, is a flexible HR software, completely free for micro businesses with 10 or less employees, that uses ‘bolt-on’ modules as a business grows, making it both simple and affordable.

IRIS FMP recognises the specific challenges that growing businesses can face. Often, having fewer staff means that smaller companies have the same people fulfilling multiple roles, meaning that saving time, streamlining processes and optimising on man-hours becomes especially important. Additionally, having a smaller turnover can result in micro and SME businesses missing out on high-tech software and systems to assist them.

Amity Essentials addresses these challenges and affords even the smallest companies the chance to use excellent HR software at an affordable price point. Similarly, micro and SME businesses especially are frequently looking for ways to improve efficiencies and save time, and Amity Essentials’ web-based interface facilitates managing HR anywhere, anytime and from any Internet-enabled device.

What sets Amity Essentials apart from other HR software is that its modular configuration enables businesses to only pay for what they need. Rather than having an excess of features that are costly and sit there unused, Amity Essentials presents a Core System as standard, and many optional Bolt-On modules that you can opt out of choosing if your company does not need them. This flexible setup means that for the smallest companies that only need the basics, money is never wasted on surplus functionality. As a company and its resources grow, more features can be purchased as and when required.

The Core System includes:

  • Starters/leavers
  • Personal details
  • Job details
  • Absence
  • Maternity leave/KIT day recording
  • Employee list
  • Tasks

The additional Bolt-On modules are as follows:

  • Employee benefits
  • Learning & development
  • Accidents
  • Disciplinary & grievance
  • Equipment
  • Car allocation
  • Expenses
  • Timesheets
  • Employee documents

Amity Essentials also boasts a cost-effective pricing list; for micro businesses comprised of 10 employees or fewer, the Core System is completely free. As companies grow they can add further employees and purchase additional Bolt-On modules, costing just  £10 per month. And all purchasing is simple and secure through online PayPal purchase.

IRIS FMP are offering a free, 3 month trial of Amity Essentials to anyone who wishes to test the full software (Core System and Bolt-Ons) to see how it can help their company to save time and streamline HR processes. You can sign up here.