eBook available for download – How Secure is your Payroll Data?

18th November 2015


Over the past few months data security has become a primary concern for businesses and individuals alike. From the loss of millions of US public sector workers’ personal information to the Carphone Warehouse breach of customer data and the incremental increase in personal identity theft, the value of information is becoming painfully apparent.

For companies holding employees’ sensitive personal information for payroll purposes, it is clearly essential to ensure the right processes and procedures are in place to safeguard the data. But how much control does a company have over an outsourced payroll provider?

The latest eBook from IRIS FMP Payroll Services looks at payroll data security and how organisations should ensure that data is protected from falling into the wrong hands.

The eBook highlights the processes that should be in place to vet an outsourced payroll provider’s employees, what physical security should be deployed to restrict unauthorised access to the payroll bureau and how effective the security technologies and processes should be in order to safeguard data – especially data in transit.

No company can afford for employee data to fall into the wrong hands, whether as a result of a sophisticated hack or simple human error resulting from inadequate training and data awareness.