How Can Organisational Development Help HR Teams?

23rd May 2016

chess-1215079_960_720 Change management has become a key part of HR professionals’ role over recent years. Organisations are constantly refocusing and adapting to changes in the market, and poising themselves to meet different regulatory demands. Organisational Development is a people-focused way of implementing changes which involves collecting and using data about your staff to help you to adapt. Adopting efficient HR and payroll solutions, together with innovative recruitment software, will make it easier for your team to gather the data you need, while also freeing HR staff up to concentrate on strategic issues.

What Is the History and Role of Organisational Development?

Organisational development is a way of working which is still relatively new in the UK. The aim is to manage change and improve the performance of an organisation by involving its people. Taking the right approach can ensure that staff are involved throughout the process of changing the way in which a company operates, with their input helping in the design of new ways of working.

OD involves using behavioural science to help improve productivity and motivation, as well as gathering data about employees which can be used to promote staff engagement and adapt to changing customer requirements. However, it is important that this isn’t just seen as a question of “ticking boxes”, which is something that both OD and HR professionals have expressed concern over in the past.

How Can HR Teams Embrace OD?

Often when a company is being taken over or downsizing, outside experts and consultants are brought in to help manage change and look at what Organisational Development processes can be carried out to make the changeover go smoothly. However, your own HR team can also embrace the principles of OD and use them to optimise the way you work. This can help to ensure you give the best possible service to customers and stakeholders, and that your organisation keeps moving forward.

OD can help by giving a broad “people” perspective on all these issues. The aim is to get the best out of your staff during the change process and ensure they contribute their talents and knowledge.

This can help organisations to develop in a sustainable and effective way, contributing to staff retention and development. If HR staff work with learning consultants and OD experts, they can learn more about this approach, which helps organisations to embrace change and focus on the areas which need attention, giving a greater sense of vision.

What Kinds of Project Can Be Helped by an OD Approach?

There are various types of project which may come under the heading of OD. These not only include complete or partial restructuring of an organisation, but also developing teams and leadership and management skills, as well as drawing up a range of different processes. The types of process which can benefit from this approach vary, depending on the type of industry.

However, one example of a successful OD project could involve creating a project management system for a small business. This will give tools which employees can use to identify in a logical way which tasks need to be carried out first and draw up an efficient workflow. Another project might involve developing a new customer relations training programme. This could mean examining in detail what your clients want and then addressing how your staff’s talents can be developed to provide the services they are looking for.

OD can also make an important contribution when it comes to replacing an existing service or product with an updated version. The aim is to look at how this can be done in a way which will minimise disruption to your everyday operations and ensure that both staff and customers are happy with the new model.

During any process of organisational change or development, having the right technology in place is essential to enable HR staff to have time to concentrate on strategy rather than getting bogged down with administrative activities such as queries about payslips and small day-to-day workplace issues.

IRIS FMP’s HR and payroll software, including employee self-service functionality, free up time for HR staff to concentrate on business priorities. The HR and recruitment modules within IRIS FMP’s product range enable collection and analysis of data about staff which will help in an OD approach, including equal opportunity reporting, skill matching and management of training and qualifications.

For more information on how HR teams can take a more strategic view of their organisation’s aims, call our team.