Bringing Payroll and HR solutions to the Hampshire Business Expo

11th February 2019

Hampshire Business Expo

All companies no matter their size, need payroll and HR to keep their business running smoothly. Unfortunately, these tasks are no easy feat and are often complicated and time consuming for most companies. Laws and legislation surrounding payroll and HR change all the time and new ones pop up often, so companies must ensure that they keep up to date with these to ensure they are lawful. Often smaller companies don’t have a payroll or HR department that have expert knowledge and can dedicate their time to keep on top of things. Outsourcing your payroll or using HR software can help you free up some time for your employees to focus on other important tasks and can ensure that you are always compliant.

IRIS FMP recognises the struggles that payroll and HR can bring to a business and on February the 26th will be bringing our Payroll and HR solutions to the Hampshire Business Expo. Here we will discuss outsourcing payroll and our award-winning payroll and HR software and how it can benefit your business.

The expo is a brand-new show for 2019, launched following the continued success of Surrey Business Expo which is now in its twelfth year. The shows are organised by Connect Surrey and Eagle Radio and attract pro-active local business within a 40-mile radius. We will be showcasing our award-winning, HMRC tested and recognised payroll service


Join us at stand 118 at the Hampshire Business Expo on the 26th of February to find out how our payroll and HR solutions can help your business.


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