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Britain’s largest and publicly owned pension scheme, Nest (or National Employment Savings Trust), has become a reliable opportunity for employees who want to create pension savings for later in life.   Revealed by Nest, the pension scheme has helped early investors as much as triple their funds in the last seven years, which represents a healthy uptick in profit. This workplace pension scheme in the UK has thrived, partly, from its savvy and responsible investments, totalling […]

As the Brexit transition period came to an end on 31st December 2020, new policies are impacting employers, particularly with regards to employing EU citizens from now on. In this guide we explore the changes to workplace rights that come into effect from the 1st January 2021.   How Are Workers’ Rights Affected by Brexit?  The majority of workers’ rights after Brexit are expected to have no change, enabling the employer and employee to […]

If not managed correctly, for the likes of small businesses and many others, payroll can be one of the largest operational expenses when it goes wrong. To avoid payroll errors, fines, and penalties, it’s mission critical that an employer’s audits are compliant just as much as their reports are accurate.  

As Britain reawakens from a sleepy period for businesses both domestic and international, the aftermath of Covid-19 on its economy is still finding clarity. But one certainty remains true: the workforce is returning to a new normal.   The UK Government’s job retention scheme, formally known as furlough, has gradually changed from a full working benefit, replacing staff wages through proxy […]

One of the many implications of the coronavirus pandemic is the impact restrictions have had on travel plans. Both trips abroad and staycations in the UK have had to be cancelled, which has meant that employees have more annual leave left in the second half/last quarter of the year than they usually would.

Disruptive or costly mistakes, especially to your payroll, can be all too common. Even getting the basics right – taxes, for example – is not always an easy feat. Mistakes, errors, and slips in your payroll reporting can, and likely will, be scrutinised by the watchful HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in the UK.