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In an ever-changing payroll world PAS accreditation is critical to mitigate risk to your payroll. The creation of innovation and delivery of customer excellence through professionally trained staff, are key to delivering an efficient, compliant payroll. The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) are in complete agreement. And, IRIS FMP’s outsourced payroll services team secured […]

A new event on 11th February will bring together the best thinking, extensive expertise, and innovation for 2020.  And, IRIS FMP will be on hand to advise on UK and international payroll and HR. Iris World 2020 will cover Accountancy, Payroll, HR, and Education. The speakers and agenda cover more than just legislation, with discussions […]

Payrite, IRIS FMP’s award-winning flagship payroll software, will introduce Pennies from Heaven (PFH) capability in its next release. The move supports the UK’s largest micro giving scheme for employees and pensioners. Pennies from Heaven is a simple concept for charitable giving. It allows an employee to round down their pay every pay period, and give up no […]

Shut up. Please. Is this typical of your office? A handful of people are talking about the latest movie, noisily discussing this actress and that actor.  The phone is ringing with new and existing customers and colleagues chasing you down.  The radio blurts out the latest tunes in the background, and the printers whirr amid […]

Standard Life gives birth to new parental leave policy. Parental leave continues to be a hot topic, with Standard Life Aberdeen announcing the birth of a new parental leave policy. The new policy gives its 4500 employees nine months’ leave, with the scheme starting from Jan 1st, 2020. Employees receive full pay for 40 weeks […]

Charity Payroll fraud is high on the agenda during Charity Fraud Awareness Week. Your charity’s payroll should be the first to be protected. Losses incurred through payroll fraud can be devastating to a charity, creating financial and reputational carnage. NCVO Trusted payroll supplier IRIS FMP share their experience of this type of fraud, and how […]

IRIS FMP has stolen 5 reward nominations for The Rewards, the flagship awards event that evolved from the Payroll World Awards. IRIS FMP is led by CEO Justin Cottrell, a winner of the  ‘Best Leader’ award category in previous years (pictured). The event still has payroll still at the heart of the event. However, payroll now […]

The recent Thomas Cook travel disruption ( September 2019) has perhaps affected some of your employees. Tales of people arriving back later from a holiday, or staff on business trips forking up additional hotels bills and expenses. What’s your policy for stranded members of staff who arrive back at work after such disruption? Most travel […]

Holiday payments at Betfred are under fire. It has been revealed the bookmaker has reportedly failed to correctly include overtime within their calculations. Worse still they have apparently failed to tell staff.  A whistleblower suggested they were only prepared to take action when individual staff members brought employment tribunal claims. The failure affects 7000 staff […]

This article explores how you can use HR Data to build a stronger employer brand. Employer branding is essential for securing top talent When deciding on where to apply for a job, 84% of job seekers say the reputation of a company as an employer is important. Employee retention and talent acquisition are more important than ever […]