6 New Year’s Resolutions for the Workplace

20th December 2019

Workplace conversation every New Year always centres on resolutions. While it’s no secret that these often have to be take with a pinch – or bucket – of salt, there are some workplace resolutions that are worth committing to, to everyone’s advantage. With that in mind, here are six payroll and HR resolutions that could really benefit your business in 2020.

  1. Regular Internal Audits

    No doubt this is something that HR teams, payroll teams, and small business owners constantly promise themselves they will do, but a lack of time can often be a deterrent. In 2020, try to allocate time on a regular basis to carry out audits, whether this is bi-monthly, quarterly, or biannually. Conducting regular hr and payroll audits is imperative for highlighting any errors or flaws to your procedures; you could uncover anything from incorrect pay amounts to something more critical such as internal fraudulent activity.

  2. Prioritise Training Opportunities

    Evidence shows that a huge proportion of employees feel undervalued and disengaged at work, a factor that is causing dwindling retention rates. One effective way of tackling this is to provide more training and development opportunities to your staff. By offering this, employees feel more confident in their ability to progress and develop, and therefore more like an important member of the team.

  3. Improve & Increase Communication with Staff

    A common complaint among unhappy staff is lack of communication. Too often employees are informed of big changes that will impact on their day-to-day at the last minute – which can only cause distress and the feeling of being unimportant. While it may not always be possible to tell staff about news and changes, it’s important to ensure they feel included as much as you can. Hold regular meetings and encourage conversation and their input wherever possible.

  4. Make the Most of New Payroll Software & Technology

    Today’s ever-evolving technology means that there are always new services and payroll software available that can significantly aid your payroll processes. It’s therefore a good idea to do some research to find out what else is out there that you could be using. At IRIS FMP, our Payrite payroll software has a plethora of capabilities that can streamline your payroll, from offering multiple payslip types to absence reporting. Get in touch for more information.

  5. Hone Your HR & Payroll Processes

    A great way to take control of the New Year is to invest some time in the first few weeks taking an in-depth look at all your HR and payroll processes. In most situations there are various, unexplored ways of making HR easier – from utilising social media more to creating a shared HR space for all employees. Spend some time thinking about all your biggest HR and payroll problems, and then spend time researching and exchanging ideas to find ways to solve them.

  6. Give More Consideration to Employee Wellbeing

    It has become apparent in recent years that employee wellbeing is becoming a higher priority for businesses, with an estimated 80% of companies adopting a wellbeing policy in 2020. The reason for this is a lot to do with employee satisfaction and consequent retention, which should be a concern for all companies – regardless of the number of staff. Stay on top of matters by giving consideration to how to better look after your employees; whether this is by creating a more comfortable office, or by offering more social events.


Inspire Your Staff with Workplace Resolutions

By adopting these resolutions – and communicating them to your staff – you can indirectly encourage your employees to be the best version of themselves at work. While of course everyone has their own personal resolutions, the knowledge that your business is striving to make internal improvements for the good of all stakeholders, is likely to create an improved atmosphere at work. Start as you mean to go on, and see the benefits unfold as the year progresses.


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