Single Database HR and Payroll System

Fully Integrated HR and Payroll Software

Uncover the benefits of a truly integrated HR and Payroll system operating from a single database.

A common misconception in an organisation’s search for an effective HR and Payroll system is that if it is a truly integrated system, you should only have to enter information once. The word ‘integrated’ is more often than not confused with what should really be termed as a ‘single database’ or a ‘unitary database’.

If you are looking for an HR and payroll system where subject to any security constraints, any information added to the system is immediately available throughout the whole product, then you are looking for an integrated HR and payroll system with a single database. An integrated system does not necessarily mean that it will have a single database, what it usually means is that you enter the information in HR or payroll and then have to press a button to transfer it to the rest of the system. So many organisations fall into this trap and often end up regretting their purchasing decision from day one.

If your chosen solution provider has a truly integrated solution with a single database they will be able to demonstrate this to you. If they can’t, then it is more than likely that some form of transferring the information between HR and payroll is required or worse still that each department will have to duplicate effort by entering the same information separately.

Teamspirit offers a truly integrated system which operates from a single database. This means that it doesn’t matter who enters employee information into the system, as it will be possible to view the information anywhere in the system.

If new information is added to any of the Teamspirit modules which hold data on current employees, (HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance, P11D and web-based Manager Access and Employee Self Service), the single database is immediately updated regardless of which module it is entered into and subject to security is available and can be viewed anywhere in the system.

A good example is who starts the starter? If it is the responsibility of HR to enter new starters into the system, then payroll will not have to enter this information again as the same information will be readily available for payroll. Similarly if payroll enter additional information regarding the starter in order to process the payroll, then HR will be able to view this information in real-time.

The only Teamspirit modules where this does not apply are our recruitment based modules which use a separate database because they are holding information on prospective employees. Once a prospective employee becomes an actual employee their details can be transferred between databases and utilised in the core product.

If you are in any doubt whether your chosen HR and payroll system has a single database, ask the supplier to demonstrate it to your satisfaction and put it in writing.