Questions To Ask Payroll Providers

Payroll outsourcing is a rather large commitment for any company, big or small, so it’s worthwhile spending time investigating and asking critical questions when choosing a payroll service provider.

A good payroll provider will, at the very least, aim to deliver a tailored service that meets your changing requirements and ensures maximum accuracy and accountability at all times. It’s also important that they maintain good communication through an allocated contact. However, it’s not always easy to guarantee this standard of service, so asking payroll questions allows you to identify your specific needs and how a payroll outsourcer can cater to these.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing a payroll provider include:

  1. What are my payroll requirements?
  2. How complex is my payroll
  3. What kind of payroll service do I need? (fully managed or part managed?)
  4. What is my budget?
  5. What level of contact do I require from my provider?
  6. Do I want to approve and view payrolls online?
  7. Do I need ePayslips?
  8. How secure is my payroll data in-house?
  9. What type of management reporting does my business need?

Questions to ask a payroll provider:

  1. Who will be the primary point of contact?
  2. Who will be carrying out the work
  3. Who will deal with any arising issues?
  4. How quickly will my queries be dealt with?
  5. Where are the payrolls processed?
  6. What is your track record with businesses like mine?
  7. What reports are available and what can be included in them?
  8. Can you offer additional information and services such as absence tracking?
  9. Do you provide ePayslips?
  10. How do you manage time and attendance?
  11. What is your security and disaster recovery policy?
  12. Are you BACS accredited?
  13. Can you handle payments to the HMRC?
  14. What methods do you utilise to calculate tax deductions?
  15. Do you offer online payroll services?
  16. How will I be billed for your service?
  17. How secure is your data?
  18. What type of payroll solution is best for my needs?


At IRIS FMP we have over 40 years’ experience outsourcing payroll to a wide range of businesses. Whatever your payroll requirements, we can ensure a highly tailored and dedicated service that ensures optimum accuracy, efficiency and peace of mind.

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