Top 10 Payroll Issues Critical To Success In 2019

13th November 2018

Our Top 10 Payroll Issues is back for a fourth year, highlighting the critical things that should be on your radar in the coming twelve months.

Payroll is constantly changing. So, what’s in store in 2019?

We enter the New year with a long list of issues for many payroll managers and, as a result, 2019 looks set to be another challenging year. Download our guide now

If you thought GDPR was done and dusted, think again. Your business will be hit by another set of regulations in 2019. And worse still the regulations have not yet been finalised. When they are the implementation time will be very short. The impact on payroll is uncertain but you’ll need to be on your guard and work with your data protection officer to understand whether anything is needed for your communications.

Brexit and the exit from the EU in March will of course dominate the entire year and again things are very uncertain, especially with the prospect of a potential ‘no deal’. Our ebook gives practical advice to HR and payroll teams on planning for the exit now, and of course our blogs will keep you abreast of any developments as they arise.

Our ebook considers the implications of a changing taxation landscape in the UK in 2019 both from an employer and employee viewpoint. Is the onset of Trethiant Cymreig on your radar?

And legislative changes to payslips, termination payments, student loans will ensure you’re kept on your toes.

What does it all mean for hard pressed payroll teams?

Our Top 10 Payroll Issues highlights that yet again the world of payroll processing continues to get more complex.

This guide is correct at time of going to press but staying up to date is time consuming and requires you to be continually on the ball. Ensuring all your team stay on top of things should be a number one priority. Savvy payroll teams are now looking not just for fully outsourced payroll but also part managed payroll solutions.  Part managed payroll can give hard-pressed teams the breathing space they need to stay on top of everything.

Can I ignore it all?

That wouldn’t be wise. With non compliance being met with increased audit, naming and shaming from the regulators, you could be in for  a rough ride in 2019. Ignorance will be no excuse, and the penalties could be huge.

The Key topics covered in the Top 10 Payroll Issues for 2019:-

  • Preparing for March 2019 Brexit
  • Access to Payslip Information – Latest research
  • Auto Enrolment rates uplift April 2019
  • Payslip Law changes
  • GDPR – It’s not over yet!
  • IR35 – A little light relief
  • Thethiant Cymreig
  • New Student Loan type introduction
  • Minimum Wage further changes
  • Termination Payments 2019 – it is happening!

Payroll continues to become more complex. Download our guide now

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