The Rewards Get Valuable New Sponsor

3rd September 2019

The Rewards get new sponsor

The Rewards has a valuable new sponsor, as IRIS FMP step up to support the distinguished industry event.

With payroll still at the heart of the event, The Rewards continues to reflect the widening remit of the profession and its close association with HR, reward, pensions and employee benefits. The Rewards ceremony is one of the most distinguished events on the industry’s calendar, highlighting achievement and celebrating excellence. The Rewards are now in their ninth year.

IRIS FMP will be sponsoring the Rising Star Category. With respected industry figures such as Ken Pullar from CIPP, and Ros Altman, the former Pensions Minister, on the judging panel you can be certain the bar will be very high.

The best of the best.

Justin Cottrell, CEO of IRIS FMP commented: “This event is about celebrating companies, teams, and individuals.  The best of the best. I’m committed to raising the profile of UK and international payroll. It’s been a fantastic year for the IRIS FMP group and I’m lucky to have such a dedicated professional team working with me. Raising the standards in the industry continues to be of paramount importance. Payroll has moved from functional to strategic importance within companies.”

Finding time to write up the exceptional work payroll teams do can be a daunting task. All the hassle putting together the submission only to find you fall at the awards night hurdle and come in behind the winner. It’s not worth it, is it?

Why an awards submission to The Rewards is important for your payroll team

From a team perspective writing up and sharing what you’ve achieved over the previous year or in a specific project can be quite cathartic. Simply because sometimes when going the extra mile you forget about the outcome or result, and the effort you put in. Therefore, a submission provides validation.

Payroll people continue to take on more responsibility by default in this burgeoning legislative landscape, adding to the pressure they already have. Individual or team awards validate that they are doing a crucial role well. It substantiates their credibility. Even an award nomination can be helpful as it shows internal stakeholders that the team or individual is on top of their game.

An award also acts as a testament to the work ethic and dedication that the job demands from its people. Unlike some jobs, you can’t delay payroll because you’re not ready. That critical date every month has to be hit no matter what. An award says the work you’re doing is not just ‘pretty good’. It’s excellent’.

Build your team. Build a family

In a world where sometimes ‘loyalty’ is seen as a dirty word, awards can help build that sense of family. They play a small part in the retention of employees or attracting new ones into the team. Of course, you will always potentially lose payroll people who’ll springboard off the win to secure a new role. They may be poached by a competitor, but they’d probably go any way whether you put in for an award or not.

In terms of visibility its always good for payrollers to put their head over the parapet. In a world where the lines between HR/ Payroll and Finance are becoming increasingly blurred, it’s a good way to position you or your team as the ‘go to’ people. Strategically within your business an award nomination, shortlisting or win can do you no harm. You will be garnering plaudits from some of the top brass and raising payroll’s profile at the highest level.

So go on. Write it up. Submit it, and see where it takes you.

The Awards night will be held on December 5th at the London Hilton Bankside.