BACs SHA-2 – don’t make your payroll a dogs dinner

11th March 2016

SHA-2Bacs are stepping up promotional activity in the run up to the Payment Services Website and Bacstel-IP changes due on 13th June 2016. With promotion using ‘Bax’ the Dalmation (pictured) Payroll teams need to ensure that they take action now to prevent interruption to the Bacs services they use, whether they process in house or through a bureau.

Microsoft desktop operating systems before Windows 7 will not be compatible. Neither will server operating systems before Windows server 2008 R2. Check with your IT provider that your browser and operating system support these security changes.

If you are a direct submitter check with your Bacs Approved Software Solutions provider that your Bacstel-IP software currently supports, or will be upgraded to support, SHA-2 certificates and TLS 1.1/1.2 by 23 June 2016.

These changes are necessary because the internet community is adopting new security certification – called SHA-2 – which will affect the requirements for accessing secure services, like the Bacs Payment Services Website.

If you process your Bacs payroll through a bureau you need to check with them. Of course IRIS FMP has it covered for all of our clients.

Bacs is also making other changes at the same time so check their website here for more details.