5th August 2016

The 2016 Olympic Games begin today down in sunny Rio for two weeks of world-class feats of athleticism. The top 20 athletes in the world collectively earn over £350 million a year. The event costs over £2 billion, and thousands of staff need to be paid. That’s a lot of payroll. In celebration of the world’s biggest sporting spectacle, here’s what is takes for a business to supply gold-medal-winning payroll.o-01


Great payroll suppliers, like great athletes, need dedication, natural ability and a relentless will to win. They have the capacity to produce their best performance under any circumstances. Gold medal payroll suppliers employ the best and most experienced payroll professionals and deliver accurate pay on time, every time.

o-04 Training

Top athletes need world-class training and support to keep their bodies in the best possible condition. The best payroll providers act in partnership with the businesses they support. They work with businesses to guide growth opportunities and provide valuable training and insight. This helps businesses better understand payroll  and find ways to be more efficient. When organisations choose a provider under a bureau model, specialist training is even more important. The best payroll providers work with you and support your business to your mutual benefit.


When you engage an outsourced payroll provider, you want to be assured that you are getting the most out of your partnership and investment. Like the athlete that is constantly finding ways to cut down the seconds and maximise the distances, gold medal payroll suppliers work smartly and efficiently. They understand your organisation’s culture and develop strategies that best suit how your business, and future business, operate.


The best athletes train for years to sharpen their skills to be the best. When they fire an arrow or throw a javelin, they are aiming for perfect accuracy. The best payroll providers aim for nothing less than the most accurate payroll delivered every time. They know that pay runs change from month to month. Compliance and legislative changes can affect payroll too, so the best payroll providers are flexible and knowledgeable. This gives them the edge over the rest of the competition.


It costs a country over £2 billion to host the Olympics. Cities must house hundreds of thousands of visitors and provide security and transportation for them. The host city must also build world-class stadiums and facilities. This bankrupted the 1976 host, Montreal, in their efforts to throw the best Winter Olympics ever. They carried that debt until 2010. Spectators and athletes alike expect the best quality experience but not for a price that breaks the Olympic city. Gold medal payroll providers offer a world class service at a value for money price for employers.