Paying off Your Student Debt – the Facts

14th January 2016

Student-Debt-infographic-brought-to-you-by-IRIS FMPIf you have employees that have studied at University, it’s highly likely they’ve been saddled with a hefty student debt.

However, whilst the majority of working graduates today are making monthly repayments through their PAYE scheme, shockingly only about 50% actually know how much is being taken from their wages each month through their payroll!

The team at IRIS FMP Payroll Services have produced an infographic that highlights in detail everything a student should know about their student debt. Useful for any HR or Payroll team this is an important communication tool that could be used to inform and educate, with all the important facts and student debt statistics to get your workers up to speed and in the know about their repayments.

And feel free to use it. We’ve provided the full code for you to embed in communications, or should you want to just download the PDF in high res we’ll give you that too. Check, download or inbed the full infographic here.

IRIS FMP’s 2015 UK market research survey suggested that payslip queries still dominate employee contact with HR – about 43% of all queries. With graduates coming on board with high expectations of the company they join the last thing you want is to turn off your top talent of the future