Introducing hand delivered payslips combats data security problem?

31st March 2019

Hand delivered payslips

Amazing.  Hand delivered payslips from April 1st!

In a creative move payroll outsourcing giant IRIS FMP is considering introducing hand delivered payslips to all client employees in a bid to combat worldwide concerns over data security of important payroll information, replacing their innovative ground-breaking app, myIRIS FMP.

The surprise move will mean that employees will receive their payslips from a team of ‘Payslip People’, who will confirm the identity of each employee before handing over the payslips.

The company may take on a team of over 20,000 Uber style employees who will undergo rigorous training and will need to pass credit and CRB checks before being employed on a per payslip delivery basis. Checks by the company will ensure that payslips are not dumped in a skip or passed to the wrong person.  The IRIS FMP Payslip People will be employed for just 5 to 6 days a month and cannot deliver their own payslip to themselves. Global employees will have payslips securely flown to in country destinations before being locally delivered. Each employee will need to provide their own bike and get on it. The company will provide a sack.

Head of IRIS FMP’s Payslip People Joe King commented: “We’re really excited to be considering hand delivered payslips, especially launching the initiative on this day, April 1st, as protecting payslip information is no joke. In our trials the payslips were on the whole warmly received by employees. Feedback from some employees suggested their payslips came as a password protected PDF to their work email address. Whilst good if you are at work, it proved problematic when they were at home not working, so they were unsure how much they had been paid. Some employees were also so happy when we hand delivered their payslips they even gave us a kiss, as their normal postal payslips were often getting waylaid in the postal system.“

myIRIS FMP versus hand delivered payslips

Industry commentators are wondering why IRIS FMP would make this move, as their innovative app-based payslip delivery system myIRIS FMP delivers payslip information in a GDPR compliant way directly to employees’ mobile devices on pay day. With secure first time registration, multi layer protection and server side protection from malicious multiple login attempts the app provides secure access to view or download payslips the moment they are published

One commented “The myIRIS FMP app sets a new benchmark for payslip delivery. Now all you need to do is grab a smartphone or tablet and log into myIRIS FMP. Everything you need is there, all in one place and easy to read.

Using mobile technology to access the Internet is not a luxury anymore; it’s something we take for granted. According to the Office of National Statistics, most adults now access information ‘on the go’ using mobile devices. Employees have grown to expect that any information they require is instantly accessible to them on their smartphone or tablet. We are able to manage so much of our ‘life admin’ on our mobile devices now; banking, email, travel plans, purchases and more. And it’s all driven by knowing how much we are paid. It seems an unusual move. ”

Financial wellbeing can have a big impact on stress and work engagement. With financial wellness high on the agenda for many companies, getting information into employees’ hands as easily as possible can have major benefits. myIRIS FMP is the innovative new payslip delivery system, forming part of outsourced payroll services and the Payrite payroll software offering from IRIS FMP.

So, are hand delivered payslips the right move on April 1st?

Happy April Fool’s Day!