HR SaaS – How Can HR Software Help Small Businesses?

14th September 2016

If you are choosing HR software for small businesses, it makes sense to look to the cloud and consider HR SaaS systems. SaaS is an abbreviation for “software as a service”, which has become increasingly popular in all areas of business computing over recent years, and HR software is no exception.

At IRIS FMP HR & Payroll Software, soon to be IRIS FMP, our flexible and secure Amity software is ideally suited to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Three different product tiers are being rolled out to suit everyone from SMEs to large enterprise organisations. Here we will look at the advantages of SaaS HR systems to help small businesses streamline and optimise their HR administration.

Reasons to Move to SaaS

Traditionally, companies have used on-site computer hardware with all their information stored on site. However, this business model can be cumbersome for smaller businesses which may not have a lot of storage space available on a server of their own.

Also, older computer systems often do not provide the type of functionality and flexibility which modern businesses now expect as standard. For instance, older HR & payroll solutions are unlikely to include self-service functionality which can be accessed from multiple sites and a range of different devices via a web-browser, as well as being able to handle the whole range of HR and payroll functions.

These can include everything from absence management to processing employee benefits and expenses, examining training requirements of an individual or a department and recording staff appraisals. Often, in smaller companies, HR teams have had to use older methods of recording these, such as filling in spreadsheets manually. This wastes a lot of time compared to using modern integrated systems and in addition allows more scope for errors to occur.

How SaaS Can Help HR Teams

Increasingly, HR staff are having input into choosing the HR systems they want to work with. This means working closely with IT staff to look at which types of software have the functionality they require, and how these proposed solutions will fit in with the organisation’s overall processes.

As well as being an advantage for HR staff, web-based software is also very helpful for employees, who can access their own information securely from wherever they are via the cloud. This functionality fits in well with the growing trend for flexible working, and helps staff working from home to maintain contact and feel less isolated.

Scalability is another big advantage of HR web based software tailored to the requirements of small businesses. Choosing a system of this type allows you to easily add extra users as and when you need to, without a major outlay.

Looking to the future, your system can be fully integrated and updated automatically as necessary to ensure full regulatory compliance, with little or no involvement from internal IT departments being required.

Amity HR Software for Small Businesses

If you are looking for HR software for small businesses, Amity is an ideal choice, offering a complete and comprehensive system built around a single database. As well as providing a quality software solution, it is fully scalable, and can be priced per employee in its simplest form.

A wide range of different options are included within its core functionality, including employee management, absence management, administration of both payroll and pensions, learning and development and much more. Amity offers the ability for each member of the HR team to see a personalised dashboard as well as gaining an instant view of data such as the performance of individuals and departments and trends within the business. Information can easily be presented in tables or graphs to make it easier to digest or for further analysis.

Three different product levels will ultimately be offered to Amity users. At the entry level, Amity Base is aimed at companies seeking a basic HR payroll system which can be used via multiple devices.  Amity Premium has all the same functionality but can also be configured to the specific requirements of your company’s processes, while Amity Enterprise is our flagship solution, offering you the greatest flexibility to configure your system using a powerful set of system tools. It is possible to upgrade from one product to another if required. All our Amity product levels provide the highest security, so you can be sure that your valuable data is being protected at all times.

HR Software for Small Businesses – Follow the link to find out more about how your business can benefit from Amity’s unique range of features.