FPS Distribution: A Case Study

10th September 2019

FPS Distribution

FPS Distribution is a distribution and wholesale company which has been running for over 80 years with a product portfolio that now spans the Automotive, Maintenance & Accessories and Retail sectors. Employing around 1,200 people, operating across the UK through a network of 23 sites, they have a large payroll.

FPS have been using IRIS FMP’s award-winning payroll software, Payrite, for over 20 years now, since 1997. They started with 700 people on their payroll and were using a half outsourced, half in- house service. The decision to begin using Payrite came about when they decided it was important to cut costs and save time on their payroll and they believed bringing everything in house was the answer. Payrite’s robust functionality and user-friendly characteristics made it an obvious choice for FPS. Now they have around 1200 people on their payroll with just one payroll manager looking after it all through the help of Payrite, which has cut their costs dramatically.

Having one payroll manager at a company comes with its challenges and this is no different for FPS. As a payroll manager you need to be confident that your payroll system is able to deliver, no matter what. Payroll managers control the livelihoods of every employee in the business. Mistakes in payroll have ongoing impacts far beyond your department. Sharon Franklin, the payroll manager at FPS explains that “staying compliant is very important to me and can often be difficult as a sole payroll manager to keep on top of new and changing legislation. Payrite holds your hand through the payroll process. When new legislation comes about, features are added into Payrite to accommodate it. Knowing I have a reliable system that will do this is great for peace of mind and makes my life a lot easier.”

When asked why FPS has continued to use Payrite for over 20 years, Sharon explained that it was down to the ease and functionality of the programme, allowing just one payroll manager, to comfortable handle all the FPS payroll whilst keep costs manageable for them. “Having a system that is easy to navigate and makes my life easier and I can trust is amazing, I think the system is brilliant and without it my job would be a lot more difficult.”

“Payrite has been in my life for over 20 years, I’ve seen it grow, expand and adapt to the great system it is today.”

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