What if payroll was like the best take away?

22nd July 2016

Payroll tAKEAWAY 5If you were looking at finding a new payroll provider and had the opportunity to choose the best payroll solution from one place, you’d do it, right?

Just Eat model changes perceptions

One of my favourite conversations when meeting new people is around food and the choice they’d make for best take away – Chinese, McDonalds, Indian, KFC, Pizza Hut – the list is endless.

However in the heady world of takeaway there is a new contender, Just Eat, which seems to be taking the world by storm. Why? Because they can offer multiple food choices from one provider to satisfy your varied tastes, have a transparency on price, and make it easy to deal with them through one contact point.

Now what if you could apply that to payroll?

I’m not talking about a ‘Go Compare’ style marketplace, as the current crop of payroll comparison websites are no more than paid for lead creation sites that may drive down price but ultimately quality of service as well.

Of course some ‘payroll’ providers seem to offer all payroll solutions but in reality don’t. And they then try to squeeze you into the solution that’s not right for you.

IRIS FMP offers take away choice

I think IRIS FMP Payroll Services has got the balance right, offering multiple payroll choices from one provider to satisfy your varied payroll needs, with transparency on price, and most importantly a team that are very easy to deal with.

They offer real choices provided by real people in the same company. No white labelling or offshoring of payroll here.

We’re a service provider born from a software house so we’ve got a great pedigree for developing and using our own robust software that actually works and supports payroll teams effectively.

And as a multi-award winner over the last year you can be assured that we’ve got your back.

So whether it’s completely outsourced payroll, part managed bureau services or payroll software isn’t it about time the right payroll solution was delivered to your door. And of course with take away there is little washing up afterwards. With great payroll its about minimising monthly payroll queries.