Are You Doing Things That Annoy Your Payroll Team?

15th June 2016

Your payroll team works hard to make sure you get paid on time. They have to work to tight time schedules and accuracy is paramount. Sudden changes and a lack of information can throw a spanner into the works of even the very best payroll teams. So, if you like getting paid correctly and on time, please stop doing these things that annoy your payroll team!


  • Mistakes on the Timesheet

Sometimes, mistakes happen. Mistakes are forgivable. But regular mistakes become frustrating as your payroll team has to spend valuable time rectifying the mistakes or chasing up the guilty. Checking timesheets for completeness, getting the correct authorisation and double checking the figures before they are sent to payroll should always be the standard.

  • Closing Your Bank Account Without Telling Your Payroll Team

Closing your bank account without warning delays your pay. The payroll team then need to get your pay back from your closed account before they can pay you. This means more work for them and a delay in pay for you!

  • Moving House

If you have your payslip sent to your home address don’t expect your payroll team to magically know where to send it when you move.

  • Keeping Overpayment Under Your Hat

Lots of people consider it a great thrill to be overpaid, but check with your employer first. More often than not, if you will have to pay that money back, or suffer a reduction to help balance the discrepancy. Letting you payroll team know sooner rather than later will save everyone a lot of hassle in the long run.

  • Requesting Changes in Pay at the Eleventh Hour

Now one for the bosses. Whenever you promote an employee, please notify your payroll team. They will need to adjust the pay and benefits accordingly for that employee. If you want your newly promoted employee to stay a happy newly promoted employee, let your payroll team know so that they can institute the changes.

  • Late Timesheets and Late Expenses

Anyone who has worked in payroll has come across this little annoyance. Payroll teams have to work to strict deadlines to make sure you’re paid on time. If timesheets and expenses forms aren’t submitted on time, it causes more work for the payroll team and you might not get paid all that you are owed that month!

Are there things that annoy you that are not listed here? We’d love to here what irks you as a payroll manager.