Celebrating amazing payroll people should be your urgent priority

9th April 2019

Amazing Payroll People

There. I’ve said it. Amazing payroll people.

I’ve been in payroll for the last four and a half years. I’m still genuinely bowled over by the dedication and commitment payroll people make to the success of a company. And it’s all under the radar. It’s time again to celebrate the great work they do.

Payroll people just sit in the background doing that vital time-sensitive job month in month out. They  make sure every person in the company gets the pay they are owed on time, every time.

I’ve never seen a job become so complex as payroll over the last few years. I read recently about a payroll manager who had just retired after a glorious 40 year career, citing how the world of payroll has changed from a simplistic handwritten process to one that now covers so many more complex processes. Good luck and happy retirement for a job well done.

Understanding payroll can have enormous benefits in terms of the strategic direction a company takes both in the UK and internationally.

Looking at the transformation that has taken place in payroll over the last few years with it has been an incredible journey.  A move away from paper to pdf to app based payslip systems, RTI, payrolling, auto enrolment, zero hours, the Gig economy, GDPR. The changes keep coming.  Payroll has undergone some sort of industrial revolution of its own from a cottage industry to a complex legal and compliance jungle.

And then add in Globalization and it’s a whole new ball game for payroll people .

People make payroll work. And there are some excellent individuals, teams and companies working within the payroll sector.

Amazing Payroll People. Incredible innovation.

The Global Payroll Awards, this year in Budapest, celebrates amazing payroll people and the best of the best in payroll.

IRIS FMP has been shortlisted for two awards – The Global Payroll Supplier of the Year 2019 and the Innovation Award 2019 (for the myIRIS FMP app)

The Global payroll Supplier of the Year looks at customer and client satisfaction and a demonstrable understanding of the challenges posed by an international payroll. The judges also look at cost savings and business benefits to clients, and innovation in client solutions.

The Innovation Award looks for a clear narrative that demonstrates why technology has been implemented and how it is linked to broader payroll strategy. IRIS FMP’s myIRIS FMP App sets a new GDPR compliant benchmark for the industry. A team of Payrite App developers have seamlessly embedded the App to provide a value-added resource for employers and employees.

Many employers used unprotected email and post to deliver payslips. Under GDPR, IRIS FMP believed a better, faster and safer method of delivery was important in the new world. IRIS FMP’s products and services pay around 1.5million people. Getting the right innovative solution in place was crucial to our long-term strategy and success.

Employees now expect any information to be instantly accessible to them on their smartphone. According to the Office of National Statistics, most adults now access information ‘on the go’ using mobile devices. Employees have grown to expect that information they require is instantly accessible to them on their smartphone or tablet. We are able to manage so much of our ‘life admin’ on our mobile devices now; banking, email, travel plans, purchases and more. And it’s all driven by knowing how much we are paid.

Bang the drum for amazing payroll people today

I always bang the drum for payroll people when I can. The Global Payroll Awards just highlight the fantastic payroll people and great payroll work that goes on globally.  Payroll keeps employees motivated and business thriving.

Amazing Payroll People. Isn’t about time you celebrated the work they do?

Gary Webb is the Marketing and Communications Director at IRIS FMP