Payroll Services – Where to Draw the Line?

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Fear of redundancies among employees across the UK continues to decrease, with a record number of individuals currently in work. But what does this mean for the employer? The pressure is on to create effective retention plans to ensure the employee feels valued and cared for.

The payroll department has a key role to play in any employee retention plan. However, with payroll getting more complex with new legislation, such as RTI and auto-enrolment, it’s clear that payroll is much more than simply pressing a button at the end of each month.

The Benefits of a Payroll Service Provider

So what is the role of the third party outsource provider in this increasingly complex payroll environment?

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  • Ascertain how outsourcing payroll can fit in with your current HR system.
  • Understand the benefits to employee retention that could be gained by employing a payroll services provider.

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