Offshore Versus Onshore?

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The benefits of outsourcing your payroll are well documented and many organisations are now enjoying the reduced costs, improved flexibility and expert support an outsourced provider can deliver.

But with reliable global communications and a highly educated workforce available in many countries around the world, does it really matter where the outsource provider is located?

The Difference between Offshore and Onshore Payroll Outsourcing

Offshoring can appear to offer a top line cost advantage, but the value that can be gained from the skills, expertise, and local knowledge of an onshore provider may prove to be more useful.

Changing payroll services provider is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is essential to get this decision right first time around to avoid the potential upheaval and costs associated with having to change providers again should that relationship not work.

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  •        What does offshore offer?
  •        What is the true cost of my onshore and offshore options?
  •        What are the service limitations of my onshore and offshore options?
  •        What are the data security implications?
  •        How do I work out which option provides my organisation with the best value?

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