How to Get the Best from a Payroll Services Provider

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The line between Payroll and HR is becoming increasingly blurred. More employee information is being held within the payroll database and organisations are relying on the Payroll Provider to fill the gaps in in-house HR skills.

Outsourcing payroll works, and works well. However to attain measurable benefits and value organisations need the right mentality and understanding of the outsourced model. By looking at outsourced payroll as something which can provide vital cost cutting, or to fill-in lacking HR processes, organisations fail to make a consistent, valuable and lasting relationship with a payroll services provider.

How to Use a Payroll Service Provider

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  • How organisations should value payroll services.
  • Why organisations must not rely on payroll to manage the RTI and auto-enrolment strategies or absence.
  • The increasing legislative complexities affecting payroll. How to ensure that payroll is not overwhelmed by the needs of an under-resourced HR department.

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