International Investment Company – Part Managed Payroll

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IRIS FMP Payroll Services helps to transform the efficiency and accuracy of an International Investment Company’s payroll process.

An International Investment Company, which has 20 offices worldwide, expertise across every asset class, and investments in every major market across the globe has a monthly payroll of around £15 million for 750 employees. Prior to June 2013, the company was restricted by a lack of reporting ability and faced on-going challenges due to the significant time constraints associated with its complex payroll processes. The Investment Company needed a payroll provider they could trust wouldn’t miss deadlines or create unnecessary delays, and with the pressure of RTI nearing, a decision was made to move to another provider – IRIS FMP.

“We had no reporting capability, and with a UK payroll at a basic amount of £15m per month any discrepancies needed to be visible immediately.”

IRIS FMP helped to transform the day-to-day working processes for the internal payroll team, as well as dramatically improving in-house control and confidence in the quality of the information provided.

Since June 2013, IRIS FMP Payroll Services has helped to:

  • Completely manage the organisation’s relationship with HMRC with regards to RTI returns.
  • Reduce the time taken to process payroll by an estimated five man-days each month.
  • Provide the correct file formats required to manage the organisation’s extremely complex pension provisions.

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