Harlequins Rugby Club – Full Managed Payroll

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Harlequins Makes Winning Conversion to FMP Global

Business success and growth is good. However it can bring unforeseen consequences and challenges on and off the pitch for an organisation like Harlequins. This is what the Twickenham rugby club discovered when its local outsourced payroll provider failed to scale up to support both the size and the complexity of Harlequins’ payroll.

The good news is that FMP Global was able to reduce payroll errors, improve financial reporting, and introduce electronic payslips. FMP Global was able to handle the variety of payroll services needed for the mix of full time and part time staff based at different locations and for the players, who receive different payments based on internal bonuses as well as payments based on international recognition.

Download our case study to understand how Harlequins was able to:

  • Bring on a payroll provider with the ability to support the club’s future expansion
  • Seamlessly migrate payroll with minimal impact on the business or employees
  • Massively reduce the amount of employee payroll queries

“We don’t have any payroll expertise in house and the quality of the payroll process is key to employee perception, therefore the role of a provider is essential. We have a fantastic relationship with the FMP Global team and have full confidence in any advice provided.”

Rosy Burness, Harlequins HR Executive

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