Accurate & Scalable Payroll for Harlequins Rugby Club

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Discover how IRIS FMP reduced payroll processing time by 25%

Business success and growth is good. However it can bring unforeseen consequences and challenges on and off the pitch for an organisation like Harlequins.
This is what the Twickenham rugby club discovered when its local outsourced payroll provider failed to scale up to support both the size and the complexity of Harlequins’ payroll.

The club has been growing and going from strength to strength. But great success comes with a new set of challenges. Their local provider was struggling to manage the increasing size and complexity of their payroll.

“It became clear that we needed a payroll provider with the ability to deal with both the scale and complexity of our payroll and the ability to support the club’s future expansion, including increasing the number of players with international experience.”
Rosy Burness, Harlequins HR Executive

Data inaccuracies and poor financial reporting caused significant disruption, so the club turned to IRIS FMP. We selected our fully managed payroll solution to provide the scalable infrastructure necessary for the Harlequins’ evolving payroll requirements.

The challenges

To handle the club’s growth, highly advanced payroll systems and processes were needed. The club also lacked in-house expertise. Most importantly, to future-proof the club, any solution needed to be scalable.

  • Variability of the payroll run
  • Complexity of player payroll
  • Evolving payroll requirements
  • Lack of payroll expertise in-house

The outcome

The Harlequins rugby club has seen significant improvements since their migration to IRIS FMP’s payroll services team. Our payroll expertise and advanced solutions have reduced their payroll errors and freed up valuable time and resources.

Now, Harlequins office staff save 25% of time previously spent on administrative payroll tasks, allowing them to work more efficiently and focus on growing the club. Our reporting has enabled the creation of far more detailed reports for the board and senior managers.

“Rugby is only going to get bigger and we will run more events. The ability to see clearly and quickly staff costs from payroll for each event will be key in improving forecasting.”
Rosy Burness