ECDP – Part Managed Payroll Service

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IRIS FMP and ecdp have worked in unison to bring about a system to enhance the everyday lives of disabled people in the UK.

ecdp delivers a range of services which enhance the everyday lives of disabled people across the UK, looking at giving disabled people choice and control over how their needs are met. The biggest problem ecdp recognised was that it did not have enough back office processing capacity to handle the growing volume of clients.

ecdp needed a payroll provider who understood the voluntary sector, and IRIS FMP had the technical knowledge and experience to manage payroll process of this complexity. IRIS FMP has effectively become ecdp’s outsourced payroll department, eliminating the need to carry out time consuming in-house tasks.

ecdp is user-led, which means it is run by disabled people, for disabled people – and IRIS FMP was chosen on its experience and understanding of how the voluntary sector works.

Since 2012, IRIS FMP has helped ecdp to:

  •        Reduce its use of internal resources.
  •        Reduce the amount of data that needs to be manually inputted.
  •        Onboard 15,000 payrolls.

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