Education: School & Academy Payroll Services

Education: School & Academy Payroll Services

As education institutions, many schools, colleges, academies (or MATs – Multi Academy Trusts) and universities are not fully equipped to tackle the challenges of payroll and HR. Payroll and HR are areas that require specialist tools and knowledge. Dedicated payroll and HR software, as well as payroll outsourcing are essential ways to make payroll and hr processing easier and more efficient.

Outsourcing education payroll to specialist service providers allows schools and colleges to focus on what they do best: educate and develop their students. As more and more schools gain academy status, they are becoming freed from the control of local authorities and have the opportunity to choose how their payroll and HR is managed.

We understand the unique challenges that the education sector faces when it comes to HR and payroll. We are committed to providing reliable, effective payroll outsourcing services for schools, colleges and universities. We also have a number of payroll and HR software solutions that reflect this dedication to efficiency and flexibility, no matter your requirements.

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Payroll & HR for Multi Academy Trusts (MATs), Schools & Colleges

Many schools are gaining ‘academy’ status, with bursars and Business Managers able to make business decisions without the influence of local authorities. While they are now being funded as though they are businesses, many schools lack a business structure to handle their financial obligations. Payroll and HR for schools and colleges offers a number of unique challenges. Pay spines, teacher’s pensions, temporary staff and split roles all contribute to the unique complexities of school payroll.

FMP’s solutions provide payroll and hr software and service support for schools and colleges, as well as companies of all sizes. Our services have been developed to allow for a high degree of flexibility in the way your payroll and HR is managed. It can cater for all the special circumstances listed above, while also freeing up staff to concentrate on delivering top quality education.

Education Payroll & HR for Universities

Payroll and HR for universities is often an order of magnitude on par with big businesses. With thousands of full-time staff, as well as casual workers and pensioners, university payroll and HR is an intimidating challenge to the uninitiated. Some universities have been using the same payroll functions for years; a function that is inefficient and a drain on funding. With costs and funding at the heart of university concerns, exploring an all-new payroll solution is a way to streamline the pay function while saving money.

Payroll & HR Software

University payroll often falls into the remit of a Finance office. This office is already responsible for royalties, expenses, benefits, and student loans. They deal with all departments and divisions of a university that all have different agendas. Installing a software solution like FMP Payrite, means that university admin staff can access accounts from anywhere, on any advice, get time back and focus on what they do best.

FMP has been working with large and complex payroll and HR functions for over 40 years. We have the expert knowledge to support all elements of university payroll from tax compliance to teacher’s pensions. Our strength comes from understanding the unique challenges universities must face and acting in partnership to help facilitate a smooth and successful pay run every time.

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FMP Payrite Product Guide

Continually developed and supported by FMP Global, Payrite's rich and robust functionality makes it the popular choice for SME payroll departments, public sector organisations, busy bureaux and large commercial/retail enterprises.

Payrite’s variable licensing allows it to be tailored to individual business requirements and the modular system means that payroll capability can be developed on demand. Intelligent automation and open architecture enables straightforward integration with other HR and Finance packages ensuring tasks can be completed swiftly, accurately and easily.

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