Dentist Payroll Solutions Specialists

Dentist Payroll Solutions Specialists

Dental practices continue to experience changes in legislative policy such as the new NHS contract and changes to section 42 of the Dentists Act. Payroll is the last thing you’ll want to worry about and IRIS FMP is perfectly positioned to ensure you comply with all legislative changes around dentist payroll. As a Dentist practitioner, you know how difficult it is to manage your practice, let alone attend to the needs of your patients.

Flexible dentist payroll solutions

Our dentist payroll solutions, allow dentists and practice managers to concentrate on working on the practice, leaving us to focus on completion of payroll services for you.

IRIS FMP’s strength comes from our emphasis on understanding your business and any dentist payroll nuances. This knowledge has been acquired through work with existing dental practices throughout the UK.

Our clients work closely with dedicated points of contact who take ownership of your payroll and work as an extension of your business.

We understand things such as how to pay vocational dental trainees NHS pension contributions, and the strategic reporting required under General Dental Council standards.

IRIS FMP has the ability to manage your dentist payroll through our fully managed solution to enable you to take more control in-house.

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Busy dental practice

In busy practices you may want to have payslips sent to the practice manager or principal dentist for distribution, or for them to have electronic payslips which can be retrieved by your associates and staff through a secure online portal.


We provide fully transparent data reporting and processing to help manage weighty admin tasks and let you focus on what matters. With IRIS FMP, you’ll gain access to professional payroll support, meaning that your payroll is all in one place.

IRIS FMP Payroll Services Brochure

IRIS FMP knows that every business is different so we provide a broad range of flexible payroll solutions.

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