Accountants — Payroll Partnerships

We’ve developed a flexible comprehensive approach to supporting accountants that ensures that payroll becomes a profitable, service-focussed part of the business.

Life used to be simpler for accountants when it came to payroll. It was an easy option to provide payroll services in order to retain valuable accounting business. If the service broke even that was a plus, since many accountants saw the services as a loss leader.

However with legislative and regulatory changes, RTI and auto-enrolment, payroll processing has become labour intensive, technically intense, and a ‘time bandit’ in practices. Forward-thinking accountants are looking for a more profitable way forward.

Focus on your core business

Our flexible, comprehensive solutions enable you to focus on your core accountancy business whichever way you want to cut it, from full white label outsourcing to customer-centric HR and payroll software

We’ll take care of everything for you, including client employee payments and HMRC and pensions regulator reporting. In doing this we remove all of the legislative and compliance headaches, freeing up your staff to focus on your core objectives. and of course, there’s no need to renew expensive payroll software licences. We handle it all. Of course, everything can be white labelled if you want this to blend into your service offering.

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Retain control or become an introducer

FMP Global work with many accountants on an introducer basis, where we become a trusted partner of your practice. In this way, there would be a commercial arrangement in place for every introduction made to our business.

We can pay you a commission for every client introduced to us, or if you’d rather, we can discount the price paid by your clients. We can also arrange a combination of both; it’s your choice.

Can we acquire your payroll processing?

You may decide that you no longer want the hassle of continuing to provide payroll to your clients and have a book of existing payrolls that you’re struggling to service. Talk to our team about the acquisition of your payrolls.

Case Study

International Investment Company - Part Managed Payroll

An International Investment Company, which has 20 offices worldwide, expertise across every asset class, and investments in every major market across the globe has a monthly payroll of around £15 million for 750 employees. The company was restricted by a lack of reporting ability and faced on-going challenges due to the significant time constraints associated with its complex payroll processes. They needed a payroll provider they could trust to not miss deadlines or create unnecessary delays, and with the pressure of RTI nearing, they chose FMP Global.

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