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At FMP, our payroll reporting software solutions pay over 5% of the UK working population. Designed by payroll people themselves, our software provides super intelligent management for multiple payrolls – helping to streamline processes and ensure complete accuracy at all times.

As payroll becomes more complex and your clients require more support, it’s essential that your payroll system is user-friendly, creates internal efficiencies and maximises revenue streams. Our payroll reporting system is extremely easy to use and offers all the core functionality you would expect from a comprehensive payroll solution, with unlimited payrolls, employees and much more.

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Advanced Reporting Features

In addition to our many system reports, Payrite comes with its own Report Writer. This inbuilt payroll reporting solution allows you to define and print, as well as customise reports as required.

Payrite offers you different output functionality and allows you to view reports onscreen, print or export to Excel, .csv, .txt and .pdf files. Further to this reporting, sequences can be defined to include live, leaver and archived employee records.

Report Writer in Payrite is a very powerful piece of software. It enables the user to create customised reports on all aspects of Payrite; from base data, year to dates and current pay run figures to old pay run figures, earnings over a given period of time, expenses or even reasons for absence.

The function resides centrally in your application configuration, meaning that all reports are available in all payrolls. A single report can be run for multiple payrolls in batch mode. Reports with base files of Employee and Pensions can also be selected to be included with your pay run Management Reports. There are 50 defined variables that can be included in your report. This enables you to carry out simple and complicated calculations within the report itself and output the results in a column.