Payroll Integration

Having the perfect payroll solution is one thing, making sure it talks to all the other software you have in your business, effectively supplying the required information, is another. Payroll integration is critical to the success of any implementation.

FMP’s payroll software is well-integrated, both inside and outside. Internally, our comprehensive payroll software already integrates seamlessly with Amity, our leading HR software. This provides a practical and enjoyable user experience.

However it also has current integrations with a large number of third party HR, Time and attendance and finance systems. And when you are looking for innovative ways to integrate we’ll flexibly create a solution that can work for you.

Payroll is usually the greatest expense for most businesses, therefore it’s imperative the information surrounding it is efficiently fed into the relevant departments.

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What is Payroll Integration?

Payroll integration is the process by which payroll databases are connected to other management systems. Integrating payroll data allows for more productive operations, as well as accurate and insightful reporting.

The best payroll software solutions integrate with other systems automatically. This saves time and removes the potential for errors that manual integration brings.

Integrating payroll data with other systems allows you to see the impact payroll has on your business’s productivity and profitability. Successful business finance plans are driven by accurate forecasting models that can only be achieved by having insightful data. By integrating payroll data into other systems, you can easily create in-depth reports that highlight the impact your payroll is having on the business as a whole.

Seamless Integration

Payroll software from FMP Global can be integrated with:

  • Finance Systems
  • HR Systems
  • Time and Attendance Systems
  • Rostering Systems
  • Employee Benefits Platforms
  • Appraisal Systems

Find out more about FMP Payrite

Payrite is a flexible payroll solution that can be fully integrated into any business. Its modular system means that payroll capability can be developed on demand. Intelligent automation and open architecture enables straightforward integration with other HR and Finance packages ensuring tasks can be completed swiftly, accurately and easily.

Case Study

Cooper Parry: Case Study

Cooper Parry is one of the largest independent firms of business advisers in the Midlands and was acquired by FMP Global in 2017. The deal enabled Cooper Parry to focus on its core strengths whilst ensuring that all of their payroll clients had a team at FMP who are at the forefront of their industry and 100% dedicated to payroll.

FMP’s multi award-winning team, backed by their own HMRC accredited software, Payrite, seemed the perfect fit for Cooper Parry, as Payrite was the payroll software used by them at that time. This meant that FMP were well placed to offer all their payroll clients exactly what they needed.

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