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Many charities and not-for-profit organisations have complex staffing and payroll structures. Most companies will employ a fairly stable number of staff either part-time or full time, with staff arrivals and departures being relatively infrequent.

Charities, on the other hand, may have a large bank of staff to call on for short periods at random times of the year, so that only a small percentage of staff on file might actually receive a payslip in any particular month.

In addition, many charity staff members are volunteers who may only receive expenses payments.

Where staff are paid a wage, this can often be on a short term contract basis, perhaps for just a few weeks. Other staff may be paid on commission only, with zero base wage. And there is also a generally high turnover of staff, resulting in a fair amount of admin in getting new staff added to the payroll and then removed again.

As a result, many such organisations find it easier to rely on expert payroll outsourcing or bespoke payroll and HR software to ease the burden on their payroll teams.

Charity Payroll Outsourcing Services

The payroll requirements for a charity tend to be rather different to that of a conventional company, usually resulting in a fairly higher than average level of complexity.

Many charities also need to allocate wages and expenses to specific projects in order to allow costs to be closely tracked. They frequently need to provide payments to non-UK workers, which can create complex taxation issues. They also need to administer complicated salary sacrifice and Give As You Earn schemes.

All these issues mean that managing charity payroll in-house is a significant issue for charities, often requiring a full-time staff member to manage it, or requiring other volunteer staff to spend time managing payroll issues rather than running the charity’s core activities.

Charity payroll services present some special challenges compared to a more conventional business – so it is important to select a provider who understands these needs and is set-up to cater for them. FMP Global’s payroll services team are a Trusted Supplier for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), so you can be assured we’ll provide you with a service that will allow you to focus on your charity’s core objectives.

Charity HR & Payroll Software

When the numbers of staff and complexity of tracking them rises above a certain level, getting access to fully-featured technology via the latest HR and payroll software can help. Our software solutions can easily cope with the complexities of a not-for-profit organisation.

FMP Global’s payroll and HR software empowers payroll teams in charities and not-for-profit organisations. Our HR and payroll software is fully scalable with your organisation and has been developed to be feature-rich, secure and reliable. It can cater for all the special circumstances that are unique to charities and frees up charity personnel to concentrate on delivering its services.

If you’re looking to integrate your HR and workforce management, time and attendance software, or enhance the way you work with employee self-service and remote workforce access then speak with us.

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“Using FMP has dramatically sped up the way in which payroll is completed within the office. It has saved us time by ensuring a consistently accurate payroll operation and has allowed us to closely monitor the payroll with comprehensive reports via software systems which we previously did not have access to and would not have been able to afford ourselves.”

John Boyle, Deputy Director SHAK

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FMP Global knows that every business is different so we provide a broad range of flexible payroll solutions, from fully managed payrolls to bureau solutions. Those organisations that seek to realise the benefits of outsourcing know that choosing the right partner is crucial to making that choice a success.

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