Harlequins Makes Winning Conversion to FMP

In 2015, Twickenham-based rugby club Harlequins made the strategic decision to move its payroll over to FMP’s payroll services team. We were required to provide a highly reliable and scalable system to support their increasingly complex payroll needs.

The Harlequins rugby club has been steadily growing in the past five years. With great success, however, come a new set of challenges, and for the Harlequins their local outsourced payroll provider was struggling to manage the increasing size and complexity of their payroll.The resulting data inaccuracies and poor financial reporting caused significant disruption, so the club enlisted the help of FMP. We selected our fully managed payroll solution to provide the scalable infrastructure necessary for the Harlequins’ evolving payroll requirements.

The Challenge

The growth of Harlequins rugby club over the past few years has complicated its payroll processes. They require highly advanced payroll systems and processes that can scale up and down to meet demand.The key challenges that FMP Global needed to address were:

Variability of the payroll run

Harlequins’ payroll run varies depending on the season. There are 200 full time staff – including coaches, players and office workers – but during the playing season, part time day workers are needed to support home games and hire games for events such as Rugby Aid.

Complexity of player payroll

The playing department’s payroll is more complex. On top of a basic annual salary, during the playing season Harlequins rugby team receive appearance fees and bonuses. At the end of the season, there is also a reward for good performance, and any players chosen to play internationally will receive an additional income from the national rugby board.

Evolving payroll requirements

With more players gaining international experience, Harlequins rugby club is growing rapidly. A larger club requires a payroll provider that can deal with the scale and complexity of its payroll requirements, whilst delivering long-term benefit.

Lack of payroll expertise in-house

Harlequins don’t have a lot of payroll expertise in house, so wanted a supplier that they could talk to and to act as a trusted adviser.

‘It became clear that we needed a payroll provider with the ability to deal with both the scale and complexity of our payroll and the ability to support the club’s future expansion, including increasing the number of players with international experience.’

Rosy Burness, Harlequins HR Executive

The Solution

We moved Harlequins payroll to our fully managed payroll service in order to streamline their complex payroll processes and ensure optimum accuracy of data. We now run all of their core payroll functions and deliver consistently accurate payroll reports to the finance team. We also transferred the club’s hard copy payslips to a more reliable and efficient electronic payslip system.

The Outcome

The Harlequins rugby club has seen significant improvements since their migration to FMP’s payroll services team. Our payroll expertise and highly advanced solutions have reduced their payroll errors and freed up valuable time and resources.It is estimated we have saved Harlequins office staff 25% of time previously spent on administrative payroll tasks, such as creating and distributing hard copy payslips, and dealing with employee payroll queries. The electronic payslip system has also been a success, and our reporting has enabled the creation of far more detailed reports for the board and senior managers.We asked Rosy Burness to explain the benefits of this in more detail: “Rugby is only going to get bigger and we will run more events – the ability to see clearly and quickly staff costs from payroll for each event will be key in improving forecasting.”

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