Hallam Medical

Hallam Medical achieves 15% cost savings and a reduction of over two days a month of administrative time with FMP Global.

Hallam Medical, the specialist medical recruitment company, selected FMP Global, the BACS-registered payroll outsourcing division for its payroll. Hallam Medical has achieved cost savings of 15% in payroll processing and driving efficiency savings for the team, this is in addition to significant time savings, reducing payroll processing from three days per month to just half a day since employing FMP Global.

Hallam Medical is the UK’s premier practitioner recruitment agency and is also one of the fastest growing specialist medical recruitment agencies in the UK. The company predominantly places highly skilled Advanced Nurse Practitioners, as well as a full range of other healthcare practitioners – from healthcare assistants to GPs – on both temporary and permanent contracts into the NHS and private organisations.

Hallam Medical was founded in 2007 by Advanced Nurse Practitioners with over 50 years combined experience as clinicians and healthcare recruiters. Since its founding, the company has experienced significant growth, and now has a database in excess of 750 clients and places an average of 1,500 temporary shifts per month – equating to between 12,500-13,500 hours.

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As the demand for candidates began to increase, Hallam Medical found that its current payroll system had considerable limitations which jeopardised the accuracy and hindered the processing of both internal and practitioner payroll. These problems were exacerbated the greater and more diverse the payrolls became, resulting in the processing of each payroll being an arduous and lengthy task. The company therefore required a reliable system that was accurate and efficient, whilst reducing the amount of time spent on the task of processing payroll.

Hallam Medical pays its 20 full time staff via HMRC through FMP GLobal. Using the previous system, Hallam Medical often spent over three days processing payroll and up to the same amount of time recalculating due to widespread administrative inaccuracies. This has been dramatically reduced to a maximum time of just a day to process the payroll using FMP Global. Furthermore, the FMP system has delivered a considerable saving of 15% on monthly costs.

‘We have received highly positive feedback from our employees about the new outsourced process. In particular, the email payslips which are conveniently delivered directly into their inbox in a timely fashion – often even the day before they are paid – mean that they know exactly what to expect. FMP’s solution has contributed greatly to our rapid company expansion, helping us to achieve our goals and we are confident in the ability of FMP to support our continued growth and future plans.’

Scott Davies, Director

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