Integrated Payroll And HR Software

FMP Amity is a flexible solution that can be used as a standalone HR system, a standalone payroll system, or an integrated Payroll and Human Resources software solution. Benefit from integrated HR and Payroll software operating from a Single Database – no more duplicate entry of data.

What is an integrated HR and payroll system?

Integrated HR and payroll software is one piece of software that combines all the information about your staff’s payroll and HR-related data. If you are looking for HR and payroll software where (subject to any security constraints) any information added to the system is immediately available throughout the whole product, then you are looking for an integrated HR and payroll software system with a single database.

Single database or unitary database software

A truly integrated system should be a single, or unitary, database software. This means that information need only be entered once.

Sometimes the term ‘integrated’ might be used incorrectly, and in fact the software does not work using a single database. In this instance, any HR and payroll information needs to go through a transfer process in order for it to be obtainable across the software. It’s important to determine this before committing to your HR and payroll software. So many organisations fall into this trap and often end up regretting their purchasing decision from day one.

How to determine if your HR and payroll software is integrated

If your chosen HR and payroll software provider has a truly integrated solution with a single database, they will be able to demonstrate this to you. If they can’t, then it is more than likely that some form of transferring the information between HR and payroll is required or worse still that each department will have to duplicate effort by entering the same information separately.

If you are in any doubt whether your chosen HR and payroll software has a single database, ask the supplier to demonstrate it to your satisfaction and put it in writing.

Integrated HR and payroll with FMP

FMP Amity offers a truly integrated HR and payroll software solution which operates from a single database. This means that it doesn’t matter who enters employee information into the system, as it will be possible to view the information anywhere in the system.

If new information is added to any of the Amity modules which hold data on current employees, the single database is immediately updated regardless of which module it is entered into and subject to security is available and can be viewed anywhere in the system.


What are the benefits of integrated HR and payroll software?

Businesses that have moved over to an integrated HR and payroll system in the UK have reported a number of benefits;

  • Improved reporting and data collection

Without integrated software, the task of collating data from multiple programs in order to carry out reporting can be time-consuming and somewhat difficult. This is usually to do with poor quality data. By keeping all information in one place it’s easier to avoid this issue.

  • Time-saving

Integrated software can help save you time for a number of reasons. The same data can be seen by all of those who have access, regardless of where they are in the software. This negates the need to navigate through multiple programs, and it also means your employees will only need to spend time training to use one. The use of one integrated system also means time does not need to be wasted entering the same information into multiple programs.

  • Increased accuracy

The use of an integrated payroll and HR system minimises the likelihood of human error. Anyone who has spent time entering data into systems will know that when there are lengthy lists to be entered into multiple systems, the chances of error are fairly high. This is vastly decreased when there is just one system.

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