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Having access to an online employee directory is essential for streamlining your customer service and enhancing communication. With easy-to-use search functionality, you can search for and source any employee by name, department or skillset within the company. Gone are the days of paper directories and lists.

Luckily, alongside its many other capabilities, FMP Amity HR software offers up employee management functionality that allows you to effortlessly search for employee information and contact details via an online employee directory. Information can also be updated at any time to make sure all staff information is as up to date as possible.

How Does it Work?

Simply search for an employee by their name, position in the company or select skills they have on the directory to easily filter through results. With an array of security features, you can rest assured all data is fully secure.

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Employee Directory Benefits

Flexible and user friendly payroll software

Improve Relationships

Having employee information easily to hand means it is easier to connect and communicate with other members of the company.

Real Time Visibility thanks to FMP's cloud based payroll software

Identify Support In-House

Rather than looking to external sources for support, or taking time to find out who potentially could help internally, the information is right in front you.

Fast and flexible online hr software

Easy to Use & Engaging

A digital employee directory makes everything more personal and human. Not only is it easy to use, thanks to its flexible design it’s engaging to use too.

More than a Directory

With FMP Amity’s Employee Directory, you can explore:

  • Personal Details
  • Job Role
  • Benefits
  • Learning and Development
  • Absence
  • Maternity Leave
  • Equipment
  • Documents

Next steps

For more information about FMP Amity’s full features, request a callback or a demo today to discover all Amity has to offer.

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